Modular content management
you can embed anywhere

Component IO is the modern, magical way to manage your website.

Works with every framework & language.

Used by hundreds of projects.

Empower your team

With Component IO, anyone on your team can make changes.

Whether it's a non-technical user, a client, or an engineer who wants to save some time, the live WYSIWYG editor is simple for everyone.

You can also manage permissions for each user and can have multiple, separate projects in your account.

Make changes faster

Save time on edits and avoid re-deploying your codebase.

Save hours on back-and-forth editing, testing, and repeatedly uploading code over & over.

Instead, browse your site and change content and code as you go.

No need to remember where anything is in your codebase or a dashboard, because it's editable directly from your site.

Incredibly simple to start

Copy. Paste.

Paste a single script on your page, then add as many components as you want.

Each new component is as simple as copy & paste.

See an example

A library of ready-to-use website components

Easily add functional components to your site with one line of HTML.
Content & code are editable for every component.
Check out the library

Let's build something great.

Simplify Web Development

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Automatically overlay images

Edit anything on the fly

Click to edit content

Click to add, remove, or reorder team members

Swap & edit images live

Create editable galleries with custom layouts

Simple copy & paste setup

Use any layout or format

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